About this application

I had been using the Pomodoro Technique for eight months when I decided to create this little tool. I've always used a notebook, a pen and a countdown timer on my cellphone.

I never wanted to use a software tool to plan my tasks and estimate pomodoros; I love working with paper and I will continue to do so. But there is a problem, it's difficult to get valuable information from your records when they are only in paper.

Hence this tool was born, and the reason of its extremely narrow focus of only recording spent pomodoros.

If your are as crazy as me and enjoy working with pen and paper, I hope that this tool is useful to you. I'll make three promises to you:

  • I'll keep this tool forever free.
  • I'll never use, sell, spy on, trade, or disseminate your information. I truly respect your privacy.
  • You'll always be able to download your records to your computer; your information is yours, and I'll never lock you here.

I only request the following from you:

  • Don't send unsolicited information to others (e.g. Spam).
  • Don't attempt to violate the security of this application or do anything with the intention of accessing other's information.
  • Be nice to others :)

Who is this crazy geek?

I'm a software developer living in Mexico City. Last November I quitted my last formal job and have been freelancing since then. With the drastic change in working style I needed to be more aware of how I used my time; that's why I started using the Pomodoro Technique, with great results.

I have a programming related blog at http://gajon.org, and you can reach me via email at gajon@gajon.org; just be careful with the subject line, i.e. don't use a subject like "Business proposition" or your email will go straight to the trash can.

You can also find me in twitter at: http://twitter.com/gajon